Parent Power Hour

The content originally appeared on: ZNS BAHAMAS News

The Ministry of Education and Technical and Vocational Training is providing training for parents to assist their children in preparing for the various national examinations.

Acting Assistant Director of Education, Michael Culmer spoke with ZNS News about the program. He said, “April 22nd thru April 25th the Parent Engagement Unit is providing training sessions to help their parents prepare their students for the GLAT, grade 3, that’s on Monday, GLAT, grade 6 is on Tuesday. BJC examination preparation is on Wednesday and BGCSE examination preparation is on Thursday. We have brought in the brightest and best in education to facilitate parent training. Just helping them to understand what the examinations are about. What kinds of questions they’re asking? How do I help my student to study?”

The Acting Assistant Director also spoke to the importance of parents participation in their children’s education. “Parents are the key part to student success. Research has always proven that when parents believe in their students and they support education that our students tend to do better in the examinations, they tend to better in their assignments, they attend school more, their is less behavioral infractions, they are motivated, they attain more in life than their counterparts who do not have that parental support.”