2023 Crime Stats Released

The content originally appeared on: ZNS BAHAMAS News

Commissioner of Police, Clayton Fernander released the crime statistics for 2023 at a press conference on Monday. The numbers revealed that overall crime was down by 21% while there was an increase in reported sexual assaults.

Fernander told reporters, “with respect to crime against the person, murder was down, 110 in 2023 to compare to 128 in 2022. Unlawful sexual intercourse 134 compared to 139 in 2022. Armed robberies 368 compared to 555 the previous year.”

The Commissioner also announced the number of murder cases solved by police. He said, “72 of the 110 was solved which represents a 65% solvency rate. And I must commend the men and women of this great organization, all areas contributed to the success rate with respect to the solvency rate with murders.” Of the murders committed in the year 2023, 75 suspects were on bail at the time of the incident, 33 victims were killed while on bail and 25 murder victims were being electronically monitored at the time of their deaths.

Fernander covered crimes against property which overall was down by 19% in 2023. He said, “372 house breakings reported in 2023 compared to 507 in the previous year. Stealing,1038 compared to pretty much the same as the previous year. Stolen vehicles is also down, 2023, 257 compared to 330 in the previous year.”

Also revealed in the Commissioner’s 2023 crime statistics presentation was the confiscation of 355 illegal firearms and 8,895 round of ammunition.