Yellow Elder Homicide Update

The content originally appeared on: ZNS BAHAMAS News
Lorraine Pratt-McIntosh

Family and friends of Demarcus McIntosh, who was shot and killed on Nelson Street in the Yellow Elder community on Monday, are speaking out about the incident.

Mother of the victim, Lorraine Pratt-McIntosh revealed the last conversation she had with her son. She said, “the last time I spoke with him was on Sunday evening. And I say Mamas, I say where you is, he say Mummy I right through the corner. I say now hurry up go home because you know all of these killings going on in Nassau just hurry up go home. He say I straight. I say okay and then yesterday I came home from work, I received a call that he was dead and I was like wow and I just gone haywires.”

Pratt-McIntosh said her son was the father of two boys, one of the boys is six years old and the other five years old.

Member of Parliament for Mount Moriah, the Hon. McKell Bonaby told ZNS News that there is a correlation between people being unemployed. He said, “one of the first things we did, my team, we decided to as many of these young men an opportunity.”

Mandell Miller of the Each One Reach One Organization said this kind of violence is becoming prevalent and he hopes to evangelize as many of the residents as possible.

Neighbours of the deceased described him as a nice person that would do anything for anyone.

Police investigations into this matter continues.