Ocean Blue Restaurant Opening

The content originally appeared on: ZNS BAHAMAS News

A new restaurant has been opened on the Four Seasons, Paradise Island property. Ocean Club General Manager, John Conway says the new venture offers additional on site dining options for guests.

Convey said, “the thought was to do a casual style restaurant, Caribbean menu with that power of this view we would have something special and that’s what we created.” The location of the Ocean Blu Restaurant was once a snack shop that was fully renovated in about one year at a cost of approximately $500,000.

Wife of the Prime Minister, Mrs. Ann Davis was on hand to cut the ceremonial ribbon at the opening. She said, “when I get invited to cut the ribbon I never say no because it’s an education for me to find out exactly what the space is about, what it’s doing and how it benefits us and especially for employment and especially when it’s the employment for females.”