Environmental Community Responds to RCI Statement

The content originally appeared on: ZNS BAHAMAS News

We note with interest the release of the statement by RCI regarding how they propose to manage the environmental impact of their operations on the proposed beach club site.

While we appreciate RCI’s commitments, what the company announced yesterday was insufficient to deter us from our request for information. We still do not have any real, meaningful details on RCI’s environmental plans, or answers to the numerous questions we’ve posed. This remains a significant problem for us.

As my environmental colleagues and I have said, RCI needs to respond to our previously stated requests for:

Online public access to all documents related to the beach project submitted to the government by Royal Caribbean, inclusive of the cultural and environmental impact assessments and management plans;

Responses and mitigation plans related to the beach project submitted to the government by Royal Caribbean;
Open in person and online town-halls at which members of the public will be permitted ample time to express their views, and a commitment to making transcripts available online;
Royal Caribbean written responses to numerous unanswered questions shared by The Bahamas’ business and environmental communities regarding the impact of its proposed project; and
Publishing of an environmental review timetable, including a schedule of town-halls and public comment period, by no later than April 30, 2023.