Yellow Elder Home Fire Update

The content originally appeared on: ZNS BAHAMAS News

The Yellow Elder Gardens home of Captain Whitfield Neely was recently destroyed by fire. The remains of the structure has been removed to make way for reconstruction.

Captain Neely spoke with ZNS News about what survived the fire including a lemon tree. He said, “I just looked at that recently and it was really showing some growth and it was looking effervescent and bubbly. I say boy I may get a lime off of this tree yet. It’s been there about 40 years, at the same height on the side of the house. And then I just realize the house burn right down, the fired singed all the trees around, the lime tree is still green and it hasn’t been touched by the heat. I don’t know what kind of lime tree that is but you know what that’s apart of the new yard.”

The Neely residence was destroyed by fire at the end of May.