Startling Prostate Cancer Statistics Affecting The Bahamas

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BIG DADDY LAUNCH (left to right) Warren Davis, event organizer; Leslie Miller, former MP and prostate cancer survivor; Dr. Greggory Pinto, Urologist; Prime Minister Philip Davis; Minister of Health and Wellness Dr. Michael Darville; Dr. Alfred Dawes; Vincent McDonald, event host; and Charlie Balentine, Managing Partner, Biospy. Photos by Karlyle Harris

Prostate cancer is the most prevalent cancer in the Commonwealth of The Bahamas, with the country moving from 14th to the 10th highestincidence of prostate cancer in the world. This, according to Dr. Greggory Pinto, Urologist, who told Cat Islanders that one in every six Bahamian men has the potential to develop prostate cancer in their lifetime.

With these startling statistics, the Sir Ulysses “Big Daddy” Davis Cancer Screening Non- Profit launched a special prostate screening initiative in Cat Island on May 18, 2024, designed to save lives and help reduce the prevalence of prostate cancer in The Bahamas. The initiative pays homage to Ulysses “Big Daddy” Davis – a phenomenal patriarch who passed away from the disease in 1991. His grandsons Warren Davis, event organizer, and Dr. Pinto conducted the launch in his honor.

The new, innovative testing method was launched with a screening initiative in Cat Island, where more than 100 men participated. The screening involved a Biospy device, which extracts a tiny amount of blood from the patient. State-of-the-art microfluidics make it possible to garner efficient results. The successful launch by Big Daddy Non- Profit paves the way for thousands of men to be tested around The Bahamas.

Prime Minister Hon. Philip E. Davis encouraged Bahamian men throughout the country to take advantage of the test, which does not involve the “dreaded finger” exam that has kept men from getting tested in the past.

“Bahamian men have always had concern about the prostate exam,” PM Davis said, “But with this new innovation, the finger is no more and the embarrassment is no more – and that in itself is an attraction and an incentive for us to get tested.”

He made an appeal to Bahamian men: “Men, it won’t stop you from doing the things you love to do. With early detection, it will help you to do even more. Here on the island, we grew up calling it ‘stoppage of water’ – well that was the prostate swelling up. With early detection, you can live with it; you won’t have to die from prostate cancer anymore.”

The Prime Minister’s sentiments were backed by Minister of Health and Wellness Hon. Dr. Michael Darville, who was also in Cat Island for the launch of the Big Daddy “Prostate Screening Saves Lives” event.

“This is a very unique and innovative way to get our patients screened here in The Bahamas to fight against one of the most challenging cancers that plagues our men in the country,” said Dr. Darville.

“Dr. Pinto is a consultant at the Princess Margaret Hospital and he is combining his support with the Sir Ulysses “Big Daddy” Davis Cancer Screening Non-Profit for this screening initiative that I believe will be revolutionary.”

Minister of Social Services, Information and Broadcasting Hon. Myles Laroda was also in Cat Island for the launch of the innovative prostate screening test, presented by Biospy, a cutting-edge prostate screening device which allows for painless blood collection in the clinic, home, or workplace.

Minister Laroda said the process was simple and straightforward, without any pain. Cat islanders scanned the QR code to register with before meeting the Biospy team. A warming device was placed on the arm before the painless screening device was used.

Samples were carefully tested and results were ready in minutes.

Mr. Laroda congratulated the Big Daddy Non-Profit on presenting a screening process free of embarrassment, that has the potential to save many lives in The Bahamas and reverse troubling statistics, noting that men are critically important to families and society.

The Big Daddy Prostate Screening Saves Lives event was sponsored in part by: AID; Biospy; Pinnacle Biolabs; Urology Care Bahamas; Bay Street Medical; Star Apple; Oaktree Medical; Cat Island Medical; BTC and Aliv.

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Warren Davis, Big Daddy Non-Profit and Dr. Tyniel Cargill, Bay Street Medical present a Cat Island resident who participated in the prostate screening event with a 55 inch smart TVDr. Alfred Dawes conducts prostate screening on a Cat Island residentDr. Greggory Pinto speaks with a patient about prostate cancer during his screeningPrime Minister Philip Davis and Cat Island Administrator Gilbert Kemp encouraging Cat Islanders to take advantage of the Big Daddy prostate screening event