Philadelphia, PA – April 15, 2012  The African Caribbean Political Action Committee completed its endorsement process for the 2012 Pennsylvania State Primary elections. The Candidates were evaluated based on their responses to the committee’s questionnaire and a rigorous interview process.

The endorsements process focused on candidates with a significant number of African and Caribbean individuals and/or businesses within their districts. ACPAC encourages registered voters in the African and Caribbean community, and all voters in the City of Philadelphia to vote for, support, volunteer for and donate to the campaigns for the following individuals:

186th District

ACPAC decided to stay neutral – both candidates that participated (Jordan Harris & Damon Roberts) are very well qualified, and are in line with the committee’s values. ACPAC would be very happy to work with either candidate the voters decide to send to Harrisburg

188th District

Again, ACPAC decided to stay neutral.  The incumbent (James R. Roebuck) has a solid history of advocating for the educational needs of constituents, and the challenger (Fatimah Muhammad) is an excellent candidate, who has a solid resume of work in and for the community.  Both candidates have been supportive of the community, and ACPAC would be very happy to work with either one of these candidates.

192nd District

ACPAC is endorsing the candidacy of Will Mega.  There is no doubt that Will Mega is aligned with the values of the committee’s community as demonstrated by the advocacy he has engaged in on the behalf of community members – even without the pulpit of elected office.  ACPAC will be happy to work with him if elected, and will support his campaign efforts.

198th District

ACPAC unanimously endorses Malik Boyd in this race.  The pragmatic and common sense approach to addressing issues plaguing the community he displayed are exactly what you would expect from a business owner; and will provide a breath of fresh air in Harrisburg.  His Parental Involvement Tax Credit plan as his approach to educational reform separates him from the pack of candidates that have chosen to focus strictly on being for or against vouchers.

202nd District

ACPAC endorses Numa St Louis, a well-qualified candidate.  As a Haitian-American, he is very aware of the issues facing the African & Caribbean community, and the immigrant community at large.  ACPAC expects him to provide a voice for the hitherto voiceless members of his district, and will be very happy to work with him.

African Caribbean Mission Statement

African Caribbean PAC (ACPAC) is a Political Action Committee dedicated to social, political and economic inclusion for residents in the African Caribbean Diaspora.  ACPAC also supports United States polices that strengthen bi-lateral relations and create economic opportunities for Caribbean and African Nations.