Young Chef participants told to use curbs, whelks and sea urchins in their dishes

The content originally appeared on: ZNS BAHAMAS News

 Senior high school students participating in the National Round of the 31st Bahamas Young Chef (senior) Culinary Competition (Finals) were encouraged to use curbs, whelks and sea urchins in their dishes.

“All of these products are [delicacies] in other parts of the world but we don’t use them [here],” said Chef Michael Adderley, one of the judges for the annual contest sponsored by the Department of Education in conjunction with Asa H. Pritchard/Mahatma Rice and Robin Hood Flour.

Chef Adderley also told the students and their coaches that the unavailability of native products to use their dishes is not an excuse. He urged them to collect the products when in season, save and freeze them so that they can have them to use in their dishes during the contest.

“Do not switch the game plan in the competition,” said Chef Addiemae Adderley. “Stick to what you’ve been practising and stick to what you’re best at. Those of you in the 10th and 11th grades, refine what you did today and present it next year,” she said.

Seventeen students representing public and private schools in New Providence and the Family Islands prepared rice and flour dishes using Robin Hood Flour and Mahatma Rice during the competition held at A. F. Adderley Junior High School Thursday, November 16, 2023.

The student chefs presented their dishes and were interviewed by a panel of professional judges including: Chief Chef Gerald Rolle, Chef Jeremy Houghton, Chef Addiemae Farrington, Chef Michael Adderley, Chef Aliea Rolle, Chef Ted Burrows, Chef Clement Williams and Chef Emmanuel Gibson.

The winners will be announced during an Awards Ceremony Friday, November 17, 2023.

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