Wells: FNM is whole as a result of Minnis’ leadership


The Free National Movement (FNM) is where it is today as a result of the leadership Dr. Hubert Minnis has shown over the last four years, Bamboo Town MP Renward Wells said in a new campaign video for Minnis titled “A Soldier’s Heart”.

“Folks are now saying and seeing Dr. Minnis as the next prime minister of The Bahamas in four short years,” said Wells, who was one of several FNMs featured in the video.

“Now some would say that’s a result of the failings of [Prime Minister Perry] Christie. No. No. No. That’s a part of it. But you see whereas a prime minister could create moments in history, the leader on the other side, has the opportunity to make the moment.”

Wells also took a swipe at Loretta Butler-Turner, who is running against Minnis for leader, and those who are supporting that bid.

“All the claimants to the throne, they can taste the victory, so they are wanting to be the ones, after this man would have stood there, took the whippings and led the Free National Movement back to a sense of wholeness,” Wells said.

“This is my view. You can disagree with me. This is my view. After the man would have managed this political entity, this party, this Free National Movement back to wholeness and back to the halls of real power where the Bahamian people are looking at them and saying, ‘We want to give you an opportunity’; folks are saying, ‘Ah, we don’t want you to be the one that they give that to’. And so, they would like to see Dr. Minnis (fail).

“And I think the fact that the Bahamian people are where they are speaks to the kind of leader he is.”

Wells joined the FNM last November, after an acrimonious relationship developed between him and the leadership of the Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) in the wake of a letter of intent (LOI) controversy that led to his firing as parliamentary secretary in the Ministry of Works.

Wells signed the LOI with Stellar Waste to Energy for a waste-to-energy plant without proper authorization.

At last reports, Minnis still had questions on the House agenda about Wells’ signing of that LOI.

Minnis also sought the appointment of a select committee to look into the signing of the LOI.

Wells joined the FNM the same time as Dr. Andre Rollins, the Fort Charlotte MP, who resigned from the Progressive Liberal Party last summer.

It is widely believed in and outside party circles that Minnis brought Wells and Rollins into the party to save him from an initial plan by MPs to write to the governor general asking that he be removed as leader of the opposition.

Both Wells and Rollins were with the now defunct National Development Party.

While Wells still expresses confidence in Minnis, Rollins has joined a group of FNM MPs who have expressed no confidence in Minnis.

When Rollins withdrew his support from Minnis, the MPs again had a majority needed to strip Minnis of his leader of the opposition title.

In May, they told Minnis that if he does not agree to an early convention they would write to the governor general.

The convention is set for Wednesday.

Minnis and Loretta Butler-Turner, the Long Island MP, are running for leader.

Rollins has said that if Minnis is re-elected leader, he would not seek a nomination as it would be hypocritical of him to do so, and it would also be unfair to Minnis.

While Wells says in the video released over the weekend that the FNM is whole again because of Minnis’ leadership, the party is gripped by infighting.


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