Valley Boys Legal Outlook

The content originally appeared on: ZNS BAHAMAS News

A feud has erupted in the historic Valley Boys Junkanoo Group. Longtime Group Chairman Brian Adderley has said that he has registered the name World Famous Valley Boys. However, Trevor Davis, Interim Leader of the Valley Boys has registered a similar name. Davis registered in 2023 while Adderley did so in January 2024.

Noted Attorney Ramona Farquharson gave her take on the situation. She told ZNS News, “if someone else is first in time they may find that its difficult to come back with the same name and they should have been advised of that. If someone else already had a name that is exactly like yours or similar to the point that they are not going to allow there to be two entities with a similar name because it will create confusion.”

It was request by the government in 2019 that Junkanoo groups be registered as non-profit organizations with the Registrar General’s Office. Farquharson said companies or non-profits ought not have similar names. “So that is something that the Registrar General is going to have to deal with or the Attorney General’s Office, whoever is in charge of dealing with non-profits.”

The Valley Boys is sponsored by the Baha Mar Resort. Baha Mar Senior Vice President, Robert Sands is hopeful that the group will resolve their differences. He said, “its important not only for the Valley Boys as a group but also important for Junkanoo within the country. And so participants of it should really be unified and that is our goal as a major sponsor of the Valley Boys, to try and bring them together, get us through this particular season and work on some of the concerns early next year.”