Valiant and Skeng Beef Escalated, Gets Scolded By Queen Ifrica

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Dancehall artists Valiant and Skeng Don have escalated their beef with Valiant, confirming that the beef between them is real. Skeng released a diss track targeting Valiant on Wednesday.

The artists had a tiff on Sunday night when members of their respective entourages appeared to be going at each other at the Road to Greatness Concert in St Thomas. However, many speculated that the artists were not at odds but rather it was members of their teams.

Over the last few days, the producers for both artists have thrown shots at each other, hinting at a coming beef. The exact chronology of events is not precise, but before the diss tracks, members of both artists’ teams alleged that the artists came close to blows.

Valiant’s DJ, Biigy, claimed that the “Dunce Cheque” artist nearly “box dung” Skeng. Biigy explained that the tension between the artists occurred after the show concluded, with Valiant being the last artist on the roster.

Skeng had not yet performed, and the members of his entourage had an issue with it. “A boy Vali ago box Skeng enuh. A hold mi affi hold back Fada (Dipo) enuh. We nah promote violence. I had to say hold on, Fada, easy. Mi deh right desso. Cause me a tell you Dipo did get vile, dawg dash way all the hat so you know say it serious,” Biigy said.

Biigy also claimed that Skeng was seeking relevance by climbing on Valiant’s career. “Check the last 7-8 days, you nah see nuh Skeng a stream. To tell the honest truth, right now, the people a say who name Skeng? Memba the last hit song weh Skeng get enuh loyal gal,” he said.

As for Skeng, many believe that parts of his diss track “All Out” target Valiant. The cover art for the track features a bloody hat on the ground, which many think refers to the “Kotch e hat a lie” artist.

At the song’s start, Skeng is heard ranting as he asks some unnamed person to “stop ramp” with him.’

“None ah dem bwoy deh nuh ad like that, drop the ball and mi go pick it up back/ rifle shot find dem back … weh di f**k dem a talk bout, a wi a march out, face wi guh carve out/ dem love walk bout, drink floss out, ah try diss and dem know man dark out, war mi go all out,” Skeng sings in the first verse.

Valiant also reacted to reports that Skeng was dropping a diss song directed at him.

“Once him him nuh call mi name suh mi wouldn’t consider it a diss song… yuh affi brave, me is a feisty bwoy enuh weh na lose a clash, mi want you call me name, a war,” says Valiant in an Instagram live video.

He added, “Nuff people a say a fake thing, my yute me and the di dawg nuh have nutt’n and di dawg a start push badness, mi nuh know if a di molly a get to his head or mushrooms or whatever, but me nah dwell pon that.”

In the meantime, Queen Ifrica called on the artists to squash the beef. “My Dearly Beloved Young Amazing Talent @skeng.don if you don’t Stop This so Call Feud With #Valiant you will End Up Like Movado!!! And to @valiant_music You can’t be the Next Kartel ok son so just do some clean music now and stay out of this one bbz,” she wrote in a post on Instagram.

Valiant previously teased a diss track where he claimed that a “rat” would be “killed in church’. Many felt the reference was to Skeng’s Ratty Gang.

The artist has yet to officially respond to Skeng song, but he did explained what happened.

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