Two in custody after Allen home invasion


Police have two men in custody following two home invasions early yesterday, one of which occurred at the home of renowned psychiatrist Dr. David Allen, who has spent years assessing, counseling and comforting those impacted by crime.

Central Detective Unit (CDU) Chief Superintendent Clayton Fernander said the first home invasion took place around 3 a.m. at a home on the southern end of Fox Hill Road.

Fernander said in that incident, three masked and armed men entered the home, tied the homeowner up and robbed him of his vehicle.

The vehicle was later recovered at Lily of The Valley Corner, Fernander said.

He added that around 6:15 a.m., several individuals entered the Allen home, “held Allen and his family at bay, robbed them of some personal items, then left”.

“We know now that both matters are connected,” Fernander said.

Around 10 a.m., a team of forensic officers was still assembled outside of Allen’s Cable Beach home completing their investigations.

The officers told The Guardian that Allen and his family were still “too traumatized to speak”.

Moments later, Allen entered a black sports utility vehicle and left the premises.

“It is so sad and it is serious when someone can invade your privacy,” Fernander said.

“It is not a good thing and we are there for Mr. Allen and his family.”

Fernander confirmed that Allen and his family were not injured, but the burglary has left them “shaken up”.

A little over a year ago, Allen voiced his disappointment with the crippling crime issue in the country.

During an interview with National Review, Allen indicated that the government is not winning the war against crime in The Bahamas and the implication of such makes him feel “unintelligent”.

He also said he believes The Bahamas should bring in outside help to address its crime problem.

“We need help,” said Allen in one of his research papers titled “Violent crime and murder in The Bahamas”.

“Establishing a mutual exchange program between The Bahamas’ law enforcement agencies and those of such countries as Israel, Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom and the Caribbean would create cross-fertilization, increase efficiency, raise public morale and complement the excellent work being done by our police force.”

Allen wrote that violent crime should be defined as a public health problem.

“It is like an infectious epidemic requiring multi-disciplinary involvement,” he stated.

“It is a chronic, relapsing disorder with plateaus and spurts. The intervention methodology should be simple, persistent and long-term.”

Allen established The Family, which now has 28 focus groups held on a weekly basis throughout New Providence.

During those sessions, he comes face to face with the people impacted most by crime.

These include numerous families who suffer, grieve and who sometimes seethe with anger for years after brutal acts.

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