Trump’s America – Episode # 136 – Sucker Deal


By Arthur Piccolo

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. Aug. 30,
Sorry, you don’t
qualify for a “get out of jail free” card …Unless some of my many readers are
secretly richer than I know?

 Certainly 99% of Americans do not
qualify. Know who does?

The “Wonderful” Sackler Family.
Billionaires all of them. Yes, that great American family the Sacklers. What do
the Sacklers have in common with notorious dangerous murderous legendary drug
dealer Joaquín Guzmán …

They are ALL major drug dealers. The
difference is the Sacklers have caused even far more deaths and suffering than
Joaquín Guzmán.

Here is the other difference this episode
of Trump’s America features Guzman is locked in solitary confinement for the
rest of his life in the super max prison that holds the most dangerous and
notorious criminals but ..

The Wonderful Sacklers will NEVER see the
inside of any prison not even the semi-luxurious minimum-security facilities
for pampered prisoners, not even ever have to wear an ankle bracelet or report
to a parole officer …

WHY????? You know why because “justice”
is not blind at all. There is justice for most of us and so called “justice”
for the rich and powerful who are in a position to BUY JUSTICE because they
meet two conditions 1) they can afford to pay as much as they are asked by the
government, and 2) they can claim the necessary Elite credentials. The Sacklers
qualify for membership among the Elite who rule over American and the rest of

You can identify them by where they live,
have elegant vacation homes, private jets and yachts, are seen at the most
exclusive parties and openings. They make “generous” contributions to museums
and charities. They are often very big contributors to either Democrat or
Republican Parties and candidates and often both. Their fortunes are typically
based on they or their family’s stake in a well know major highly profitable

They are most often in Forbes annual
listing of Billionaires.

Are we discussing The Wonderful Sacklers
here? YES WE ARE!

The most famous and notorious drug
dealers in all of human history. They were all very rich from founding and
owning a major drug company Purdu Pharma even before selling opioids but
pushing dangerous addictive opioids over the last decade has made them all far,
far richer BILLIONS $$ richer.

Their company with their full support
selling opioids like candy resulting in thousands and then more thousands of
deaths from their addiction, and suffering and pain beyond imagination more
than any other drug kingpins in all of history including the aforementioned
Joaquín Guzmán ….

Now The Wonderful Sacklers are preparing
to use their precious GET OUT OF JAIL FREE card and allowing them remain The
Wonderful Sacklers.

That ladies and gentlemen, girls and boys
is how justice does NOT work for the rest of us in America and likewise around
the world.

It is time this outrage STOPPED ..

rich powerful Elites.

Right now today this criminal family is
offering the government BILLIONS $$$ if necessary even give them the entire
company in return for just one thing which of course you don’t find stated in
any of the media stories praising The Wonderful Sacklers for their “generous”
(sic) offer. 

exactly what they demand as non-negotiable and will get in return from OUR
government …

Absolute guarantee written into the
agreement NO member of the Sackler Family will ever be criminally prosecuted
for any reason having to do with opioids or Purdu Pharma by any government
agency federal, state or local…

SURPRISE.. they will get that guarantee
as other members of the Elites have before them so often like for the SUB-PRIME

NOBODY no one at all went to jail for
those mega-crimes. The Obama Administration did not put even one of these
criminals in jail but rather gave their companies many BILLIONS to compensate them
for their “losses.”

It happens all the time no matter how bad
the corporate crime, the  perpetrators pay up better and PAY OFF the
government as much as necessary and often very little and go on their very
merry way ….

While at the same time we have the
largest prison population of any nation on Earth prisons filled with those
caught with marijuana or stealing food from a store and plenty of other
non-violent offenses and also the innocent whose only “crime” is they cannot
afford a good lawyer or even bail.

Our government confiscated BILLIONS $$$
from Joaquín Guzmán the drug money he “earned” then they prosecuted him as
a dangerous drug lord.

 The Wonderful Sacklers deserve no
more or less they deserve JUSTICE.

cards for the very rich and powerful.

 EQUAL justice for all .. no more
SUCKER Deals for the rest of us. 

Which Presidential candidates will offer
us that guarantee?

Until it happens yes you can buy your own
GET OUT OF JAIL FREE card but only if you get rich and powerful enough to
“afford” (sic) one.

series dedicated in honor of the late Liu Xiaobo & Jamal Khashoggi)

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