This Caribbean Roots Actress Has Been Inducted Into The 2020 Television Academy Hall of Fame


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News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. Jan. 31, 2020: Caribbean roots actress extraordinaire, Cicely Tyson, has received yet another top honor, this time an induction into the 2020 Television Academy Hall of Fame.

Tyson, born to Nevisian parents in Harlem, was inducted into the 25th Hall of Fame on Tuesday, January 28, 2020, The Television Academy Hall of Fame at an induction ceremony at the Saban Media Center on the Television Academy campus in North Hollywood, California.

Shonda Rhimes spoke of the accomplishments of honoree Tyson and her trailblazing career of more than 80 years.

“And then there is that rarest of souls, that one spark of light who not only fulfills her dreams, but also fulfills the dreams of generations to follow,” Rhimes said of Tyson. “That courageous warrior who demands more,  and makes more out of a dream than anyone before her ever dared to imagine possible. See, Ms. Cicely Tyson is not like you or me. She isn’t just someone who fulfilled her dream. Ms. Cicely Tyson herself is a dream fulfilled.”

Tyson accepted her honor by sharing a message to her late mother, who was “very upset” with her for not going to college.

“I want to let you know that I’m at an Academy now,” Tyson jokingly said. “And I hope I made up for the disappointment.”

Tyson’s career includes becoming the first black actor to star in a TV series, the first black woman to win an Emmy as lead actress in a television movie, and the first black actress to receive and honorary Oscar.

Tyson also thanked God “for keeping me here as long as I’ve been here to get to an Academy” and said she is “… extremely grateful that what I refer to as ‘divine guidance’ led me to this experience and gave me that future of my career.”

She also shared a story about a run-in with a white reporter while promoting the film, Sounder.

The reporter couldn’t “accept the fact” that Tyson’s son (in the film) referred to his father as “daddy,” as the reporter’s son referred to him.

Despite finding the moment “difficult to swallow,” Tyson said she realized that there were “some issues” that she had to address, and that she would use her career “as my platform.”

Other inductees Tuesday night included Disney executive Robert Igor, former TV executive Geraldine Laybourne, Family Guy creator Seth Macfarlane, and TV director Jay Sandrich.

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