There Are Now Over 13,000 Confirmed Coronavirus Cases In Latin America


Caribbean News, Latin America News:

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Mon. Mar. 30, 2020: The number of confirmed cases of the new coronavirus in Latin America jumped to over 13,000 Sunday, from nearly 11,000 Saturday.  

Data analyzed by News Americas show Latin America now has a total of  13,597 confirmed cases as of last night with nearly 300 deaths to date, an increase by 78 deaths over Saturday night.

Brazil is leading the region with 4,256 cases as the country’s total jumped by 22 over Saturday night and its death total reached 136, up from 96 Saturday. Nicaragua has the least number of confirmed cases to date at 4 and only one death.

 Here’s where other countries in this region stand today:

Ecuador – 1,924 cases and 58 deaths

Chile – 2,139 cases and 7 deaths

Panama – 786 cases and 17 deaths

Peru – 852 cases and 18 deaths.

Mexico – 848 cases and 16 deaths

Argentina – 820 cases and 20 deaths

Colombia – 702 cases plus 10 deaths

Costa Rica – 314 cases and 2 deaths

Uruguay – 304 cases and 1 death

Venezuela – 113 cases and 2 deaths.

Paraguay – 59 cases and 3 deaths

El Salvador – 34 cases and  1 death

Nicaragua – 4 cases and 1 death.

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