Suriname Energy Oil and Gas Summit Underway

The content originally appeared on: ZNS BAHAMAS News
Photo credit: Samantha C. Black

Suriname Energy Oil and Gas Summit (SEOGS)  preps for ‘The Next Stage of Success’ in Paramaribo, Suriname. Yesterday, June 5th, 2024, Environment and Natural Resources Minister, Hon. Vaughn P. Miller gave his contribution on Renewable Energy and how it could benefit  The Bahamas at a highly interactive Roundtable discussion and debate on “Energy for Value Creation”. Minister Miller stated, “We are fossil fuel driven. By the year 2033 we are striving to be at least 30% renewable. Solar is land intense and we have land in our Family Islands that is available for us to make that transition. Presently, our transition fuel choice is LNG. Suriname is a very special place. We need collaboration. Suriname is an oil producing country and we are a country that consumes a great amount of oil which makes the relationship extremely important. Certainly, as a developing country as well, we would want to assist in helping them build capacity and with the transfer of knowledge in the industry”.

SEOGS is the market leading energy and offshore event in Suriname and the largest energy event in the Caribbean attracting a regional and international audience.

The Minister is accompanied by David Davis, Permanent Secretary, Ministry of the Environment and Natural Resources and Gilles Deal, Chief Energy Officer.

Source: Felicity Darville