RBPF Transfers Announced

The content originally appeared on: ZNS BAHAMAS News

Commissioner of Police, Clayton Fernander held a press conference on Monday where he discussed the open missing persons cases of Devin Isaacs and Taylor Casey. He also discussed the unfolding corruption scandal at the Criminal Investigations Department.

A series of voice notes were released and widely circulated on social media last week. At last one of the audio recordings is allegedly of a conversation between Chief Superintendent Michael Johnson and purported gang leader, Michael Fox Jr., now deceased. Commissioner Fernander said an investigation has been launched “to determine the reliability, understand when, where and by whom they were made, identify all voices and explore clues in the surrounding sounds.”

The Commissioner informed that the investigation will be conducted by the Security & Intelligence Branch with the assistance of international partners from the United States and United Kingdom. When question about public confidence in the investigation he said, “we’re bringing outsiders who will view that but we have our team that starts the ball rolling and I know that our international partners they will be asking the tough questions, so let that play out.”

Fernander said there have been several personnel transfers within the Royal Bahamas Police Force that are unrelated to the current issue involving the Criminal Investigations Department. He also announced that Chief Superintendent Anthon Rahming will head the Criminal Investigations Department while investigations continue.