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ArKay Beverages Has Been the Happy Victim of Negative Advertising but Sales Are Still Booming

CaribPR Wire, FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., April 16, 2015 — ArKay Beverages has been the target of large liquor manufacturers since its launch in 2011. ArKay is the creator of the world’s first alcohol free liquors – that should be music to your ears! ArKay has saved millions of liquor drinkers since its launch, ArKay is perfect for people who are on medications, elderly, or cannot drink anymore for other reasons.

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Unfortunately, the large liquor companies are upset with ArKay because we are taking away “their” business and, therefore, the big liquor makers are very serious about hurting ArKay’s image.

Their modus operandi is quite simple. They pay people to post nasty videos on YouTube. These are fake critics drinking ArKay in front of the camera and criticizing it, saying that the ArKay is nail polish based or that it makes them puke. Disgusting, is it not?

The truth is that this negative advertising is helping ArKay more than hurting it. Sales have exploded since 2011, and ArKay is now present in 34 countries and still growing.

ArKay is enjoying its good reputation. According to our brand manager, Angel David, 70% of our customers are repeat customers, with our best results in the UK.

ArKay is good for everyone. It does not contain alcohol, sugar, or fat. Anyone can drink ArKay every day.

ArKay feels and tastes like real liquor, and it offers a placebo effect that keeps you away from alcohol’s intoxicating and dangerous effects.

In fact, as our National Sales Manager, Ricardo Martinez, put it, “The more negative publicity we receive, the higher our sales will be, so we encourage them to continue.”

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