Phil Stubbs Set to Headline Cat Island Rake n’. Scrape Festival

The content originally appeared on: ZNS BAHAMAS News
the legendary entertainer Phil Stubbs will headline the Cat Island Rake n’ Scrape Festival.

The legendary Phil Stubbs is set to be the headlining act at the 25th Cat Island Rake n’ Scrape Festival, slated for June 6th to 8th, 2024. Stubbs is widely credited with popularising Rake n’ Scrape music, paving the way for other Bahamian artists to embrace this unique Bahamian genre like never before.

Expect to hear Bahamian favourites like “Potcake”, “Bonefish Foley”, “Gofa”, and “Oh Cat Island” as he belts out classic tunes at the festival site in Arthurs Town. Stubbs, known as one of the greatest storytellers in Bahamian history, leads a stellar lineup that includes the likes of Veronica Bishop, Geno D, Bishop Lawrence Rolle, Iron Storr, Nishie LS, Blaudy, Jammin Rahming, the Lassie Doh Boys, Yogi and Da Rhythm Band.

Smithsonian Rake n’ Scrape inductees Bo Hog and Da Rooters and Ophie and the Websites will also perform at the festival, which will also highlight the food, art and culture of Cat Island.

Bahamasair will introduce flights to Cat Island just for the Rake n’ ScrapeFestival. Flights will begin on June 5th and run until June 11 with two flights offered daily. Bahamasair does not usually travel to Cat Island; however, the executive team decided to create these flights specifically to caterto the needs of people wishing to attend the Rake n’ Scrape Festival.

The current Cat Island Rake n’ Scrape committee includes: Caroline (Kay) Chriswell, President; Carolyn Stubbs, Vice President; Sherrie Cleare, Treasurer; Dornique King-Webb, Secretary; and Roselda Gibson, Chaplain.

Committee PR officer and stage manager Sidney Isaacs said this year’s festival will be like none other, as the committee intends to host three days of fantastic performances in honor of the historic 25th anniversary. 

Paul Fernander, right, with the legendary Phil Stubbs, whowill headline the Cat Island Rake n’ Scrape Festival while Fernander will serve as master of ceremonies

Paul Fernander, media executive, said the Cat Island Rake n’ Scrape Festival has been invaluable for the preservation and continuation of the music and culture of The Bahamas. Mr Isaacs added that young bands, such as Rhythm ‘ Youth Band, now a global performing group, got their start by competing in music competitions at this festival. Mr. Isaacs noted that some of the greatest Bahamian musicians, artists and nation leaders were born and bred right in Cat Island.

Mr.Fernander recalled: “I had the opportunity to play a small part in the evolution of this fantastic festival. In the early 2000s, I was asked by former committee member, Cat Island Sr. Nurse Jessie Mae Higgins to assist in the promotion of the now world-famous Cat Island Rake n’ Scrape Festival. As a part of the ZNS Marketing and Sales Department, I promoted the festival on television and radio.”

“Yvette Stuart, then ZNS DGM, Beverly Curry, a camera man, a radio production assistant and I traveled to Cat Island to broadcast the Cat Island Rake n’ Scrape Festival live as well as produce a TV program that included Cat Island culture, history, it’s people. The festival which was well received. Over the years, I have continued to assisted in the promotion of the festival as well as being the Master of Ceremony for the festival under three presidents – Mr. Sidney Isaacs, Ms. Pam Poitier and Sr. Nurse for Cat Island Mrs. Kay Chriswell.”

Concerts start at 7:30pm nightly.Tickets are $30 for general admission. Children attend free.

Source: Felicity Darville