Nigy Boy ‘Overjoyed’ After Graduating University With Bachelor’s

The content originally appeared on: Urban Islandz

Nigy Boy with his mother Claudette Hill at his graduation May 16, 2024

Dancehall artist Nigy Boy is celebrating the culmination of hard work as he graduated on Thursday with a bachelor’s degree in law government and political policy from Stony Brook University in New York.

The “Continent” artist, whose real name is Nigel Hector, sparked inspiration as footage of his graduation went viral on social media with many of his fans appearing astounded at how remarkably talented and bright he is while defeating the odds of his disability.

A video showed the moment Nigy Boy crossed the stage as he collected his certificate, with the help of his devoted mother Claudette Hill guiding him on and off the stage. In an invited comment, Nigy Boy told Urban Islandz that he pursued a double major and will be receiving two certificates, marking a week of celebration.

“At this moment I am just extremely overjoyed that I was able to make it to the end of the finish line as far as my undergraduate studies are concerned,” he began. “Today was the first phase of my graduation actually where I earned my bachelor’s [degree] in political science with a concentration in law, government and public policy and you know the celebration continues tomorrow where I’ll be collecting my second bachelor’s degree in U.S history.”

Nigy Boy shot to international fame with his song “Continent,” originally a freestyle on Rich Immigrant’s head Rvssian’s revamped Dutty Money Riddim last year. The artist’s career took off almost immediately, and his personality has drawn in many fans.

The artist, who is blind, has amassed an impressive following on Instagram with 550k followers who support his music and career and enjoy snippets of his daily life showing how he navigates his disability.

Nigy Boy recently shared a video showing him being recognized as an intern at the New York state assembly.

As for what’s next, Nigy Boy expresses that he is basking in the moment for now. “I am extremely overjoyed that I put the work in and that work that I put in these last four years has now gotten me to this point in my life and academic career and I can’t wait for the next steps that will follow these,” he said.

The artist has received many well-wishes from friends and fans online.

“Jah know youth! You continue to inspire a whole new generation!!! Congrats!!!!” Mr Vegas wrote. “You get a Super Starr when education is mixed with music . You are so deserving and an example to all . Proud of the man you are becoming,” another person said. “Nigy really is cut from a different cloth…. Congrats….. you are such a Role Model …. So balanced, So Favored….” Another person added.

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