MP Mark Humes seeking new sports connection for constituency, country


Mark Humes, the member of Parliament for the Fort Charlotte constituency, is steeped in community activism and sports.
He is the grandson of the late, venerable Audley Humes, who for years, was an advocate for fair play and respect for citizens of his community and in general throughout The Bahamas. He was a high profile community activist and he is well remembered for his letters to the editor that appeared regularly in the two leading dailies in the country, The Nassau Guardian and the Tribune. Audley Humes was a beacon of hope and assistance for the underprivileged.
Mark Humes relishes the legacy of his grandfather Audley, and has shown a devout commitment to the same causes.
He has uncles who were top of the line athletes, in particular, Simeon, who played professional baseball. Humes represents a constituency, on the outskirts of which, sits Clifford Park, overlooked by the historic Fort Charlotte. The area was once the top location for major sports events in the country, namely, the Empire Day Track and Field Meet, field polo, soccer and the initial home of organized baseball in the country.
There indeed are some interesting links to the life of Mark Humes that make him well fortified to assist in nation building through a number of different avenues.
Thus, it’s understandable that he is reaching out now through and on behalf of the Fort Charlotte Athletic Committee to connect his constituency and the wider Bahamas to a comprehensive boxing program, founded and being operated by the former multiple world boxing champion Evander Holyfield.
Humes has been approached by the Evander Holyfield Foundation to establish a center in The Bahamas. If the center ultimately gets developed in the country, the national boxing program would be boosted dramatically.
The center would be under the umbrella of the Holyfield Foundation, operating within the rules of the Bahamas Boxing Commission, the Government of The Bahamas’ primary arm for the sport. Humes has been in talks with the Commission and steps are being taken to further network with the Holyfield Foundation with a view to solidifying a partnership in the not too distant future.
A center in The Bahamas would represent some refreshing and progressive ideals for young boxing aspirants. Objectives would include:
1. Exposing Bahamian youngsters to different cultures, lifestyles, beliefs, and environments of peers of respective ages around the world.
2. Developing a well-rounding program that uses the principles of boxing combined with other development methods to help shape and change the lives of the young of our inner city communities throughout The Bahamas.
3. Concentrating on goal-focused achievements, increased self-confidence, real world preparations, tempered attitudes, acceptance of all races and cultures and self-love.
The foundation would certainly be a welcome aspect to the national sports landscape.

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