Major: I have not asked PM to stay


Speaker of the House of Assembly Dr. Kendal Major said yesterday he is not one of the young members of government who have asked Prime Minister Perry Christie to remain as leader of the Progressive Liberal Party (PLP), and has “strong views” about Christie’s recent statement on why he is staying on.

“I am absolutely not one of those who he spoke to”, said Major when asked.

“Absolutely not.”

While a guest on Kiss FM’s “Ed Fields Live” on Monday, Christie was asked why he wants to remain as leader.

He said, “There are two things. One, that I have enough young people who are a part of my government who have asked me to stay on.

“Two, that with respect to staying on, every day of my life I recognize that I provide stability.

“My leadership provides stability to my side. You see what instability means when you look at the opposition, and I daresay that this could happen when I demit office as well.”

During a brief interview with The Nassau Guardian, Major said he did not want to go into detail concerning his thoughts on the prime minister’s recent comments, but he did not hesitate to make it clear that he was not one of the government members Christie referred to earlier this week.

Asked if he believed Christie’s leadership provided stability to the PLP, Major only made reference to a cartoon published recently in The Nassau Guardian.

“I’ll say this much, I am reminded of a caption in the newspaper the other day that spoke to when former Prime Minister David Cameron resigned as prime minster after the failed referendum,” he said.

“The picture of him was right next to our right honorable prime minister.

“Someone then asked the prime minister, ‘well, since Cameron resigned, what are you going to do?’

“His answer was ‘child please’. That is as far as I’m going to go.”

The UK prime minister resigned after his failed efforts to avoid Brexit.

Major said though he has strong views on Christie’s comments, he will not share them publicly because of his position.

“I ordinarily would have a lot more comments to make, but because of the role I play as chair, I ought not get into any political debates,” he said.

“I have strong views on that, but I would share them privately.”

In the days since Christie made his declaration on Fields’ show, none of his so-called new generation leaders has spoken publicly about wanting him to stay on.

It remains unclear exactly who these young members of government are who have asked him to stay.

On Tuesday, Deputy Prime Minister Philip Brave Davis rejected the idea that the Progressive Liberal Party would become unstable like the Free National Movement if Christie chooses to step down as leader.

When asked if the PLP would become unstable without Christie, Davis told The Tribune: “It depends on how you define what is meant by instability. The Official Opposition is in shambles. The PLP always finds a way to right its way at any given time despite whatever happens.”

On Wednesday, former PLP MP Philip Galanis said Christie is delusional to think he is the glue that keeps the party together.

“I’m really interested in knowing who those young people are who are asking him to stay because many of the young ministers that I speak to from time to time, they believe that he is also pulling the PLP down and that because he has become so unpopular in many areas of the society, he really ought to move on.”

Given the position he holds, many would not find it surprising that the speaker was careful in his response to the prime minister’s recent statements.

But his indication that he has “strong views” will likely be viewed by many with great interest.

The PLP has not had a convention in seven years.

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