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The year 2024 is here and if you’re reading this, you made it in. Now stand by for the million and one new year’s resolutions that will be spewed from the lips of many, but forgotten after January 31st. 

I sometimes believe that people make these resolutions adrenalin-driven after hearing the boom of the fireworks, along with the realization that God decided to spare them for another trip around the sun. 

Those who are serious about resolutions, make those plans from early the year before as a life-goal, as opposed to just mere words to satisfy a new season. 

We can think of so many aspects of our lives that need a good “brushing up”. Those are areas where we should set goals or “resolutions” to improve. 

The standard resolutions usually include weight loss, fitness, good diet and saving more money. Some might even talk about becoming more spiritual. Ask them about these resolutions a few months (sometimes weeks) into the new year and they are long forgotten. 

Let me be the first to say that if you make a new year’s resolution and have never applied yourself to it or forgot what it was by February 1st, then you were never sincere about meeting that goal. There!

Some of us are so undisciplined that we take these things lightly, don’t apply ourselves and before we know it, life and the world passes us by and we look around and watch how our peers have surpassed us in achievements.  

I remember as a child watching a series called, “Space 1999” and thinking that 1999 seemed like an eternity away. I also remember watching 1999 roll away and welcoming a new millennium with my husband while the fireworks over Atlantis exploded in the sky and everyone expected some earth shattering event to occur. 

With that said, time is waiting on no one. It rolls on at full speed like a train leaving Grand Central Station, New York, on autopilot. Fast Forward!  We are now in 2024 and if the importance of making goals and sticking to them has not become a priority, then one must “reset” themself and think again. 

On the positive side, it’s not too late. We are only on the eighth day of January with a whole 357 days left to go. There is plenty of time to set goals for 2024 and when I mean goals, I am referring to attainable goals. It makes no sense to set goals that are set so high that they are out of reach and we get frustrated when we can’t meet them. 

When making goals or resolutions, as we call them, what can be life changing areas to target are careers, relationships, money and the ever so important politics. People should always want to advance themselves in life and not only advance themselves, but also advance their environments.

I am no therapist or counselor, but I always encourage people to set goals that make them a better person and there is no better time to do so than at the top of the year. A fresh start, if you may. 

So to those ladies who feel it’s best to date someone else’s husband or the man who feels cheating on his wife or neglecting his child is cool, I say now is the time to correct your moral ills and do better. Set a resolution to stop!

Or to the person who is not making use of their God-given talents, now is the time to get started. We have to correct a lot of wrongs in this country and no better time than now. To those who feel comfortable with taking lives, remember those people you kill have families. Put down your weapons and make a goal to get skilled in an area that earns your keep, instead of being an orphan or widow maker. 

Around October of each year, there is no greater feeling than to look back and see that your resolutions are either already accomplished or well on the way to being accomplished. A lot of people are not able to feel that satisfaction as they either fail on their goals or as previously said, never took them seriously in the first place. 

Whatever the reason, goals are important to set and accomplish and this is why some people go through the fire to come out as pure gold. Mission accomplished!!

I am always happy when I see colleagues, peers or mere acquaintances accomplish goals that they worked on for long periods. That feeling of happiness for someone’s accomplishments is unexplainable for me. We should open ourselves to this more. 

For this New Year, I wish everyone good health, happiness and fully accomplished goals. Be happy for others and someone will be happy for you! Well, that’s how I see it anyway.

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