Firm says survey shows majority of FNM voters would choose Butler-Turner team


A survey of 350 Free National Movement (FNM) voters conducted via phone from May 9, 2016 through June 17, 2016, shows that they overwhelmingly prefer a leadership team selected by Loretta Butler-Turner (36 percent) as opposed to Dr. Hubert Minnis (17 percent) or Brent Symonette (22 percent), RABA Research, an American firm, said in a press release issued yesterday.

The release coincided with the start of the FNM’s three-day convention.

It did not give any background on the survey, including who paid for it to be conducted.

Butler-Turner is challenging current leader, Minnis, for the top post. The party’s convention follows months of turmoil.

RABA Research said its survey found widespread dissatisfaction with the current state of the FNM.

According to the release, when asked to describe the FNM, 54 percent of “delegates” (190 out of the 350 surveyed) agreed with a statement that said: “The FNM is a mess. It needs a new leader as soon as possible if it is going to win.”

Only 31 percent of “delegates” were satisfied with the current state of the FNM, while 14 percent did not have an opinion, according to RABA Research.

It said particularly noteworthy was self-identified party preference.

When asked which party would they would choose if the election was held today, 39 percent either did not know or refused to give an answer.

“For nearly two in five members of the party faithful to be uncertain about which party to support is deeply problematic for the FNM, and demonstrates how unhappy they are with the state of their party,” the release said.

According to the release, “RABA stands for ‘Red America, Blue America’ because we believe polling and data is best when presented accurately and fairly through an unbiased lens.”

The firm’s partners are Iowa-based strategists David Kochel (Republican), Brad Anderson (Democrat), Tim Albrecht (Republican), Philadelphia-based Kim Alfano (Republican), New York-based John Del Cecato (Democrat) and Washington, D.C.-based John Davis (Democrat.)


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