Fired prison guard sent to prison


A former prison officer is now an inmate at the correctional facility where he once worked after the appellate court sentenced him to 20 months’ imprisonment.

Ervin Miller, 53, was arrested at the prison in 2014 after officers from the Drug Enforcement Unit found 5.5 grams of marijuana on him when he reported for duty.

Miller eventually pleaded guilty to a charge of marijuana possession with intent to supply and the magistrate ordered him to pay a $500 to avoid serving a six-month sentence.

He admitted that he was supposed to give the drugs to another inmate.

Prosecutor Ambrose Armbrister appealed the sentence on the ground that it was unduly lenient, given that Miller had breached the trust reposed in him as a prison guard.

Armbrister suggested that the court overturn the magistrate’s sentence and jail Miller for 30 months.

Justices of Appeal Dame Anita Allen, Jon Isaacs and Stella Crane-Scott yesterday agreed that Miller ought to have been sentenced to prison and imposed a term of 20 months.

Miller’s attorney, Devard Francis, had argued that the fine was appropriate since Miller had lost his job, his pension and gratuity.

Last week, the appellate court affirmed the conviction and sentence of another prison guard, Donovan Rolle, who had assisted inmates in damaging the facility’s cell phone jammer.

Rolle gave three convicts access to the restricted area where the jammer is housed and they short-circuited the device.

The electrician said that he repaired the jammer at a cost of $1,500.

Rolle was ordered to compensate the government for the damage caused. Failure to do so will result in him serving an additional six months at the prison.


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