Elderly man murdered at home


A 76-year-old man was found stabbed to death inside his Ambergris Street home early yesterday morning after his neighbors noticed that he was not tending to his yard, police said.

Relatives told The Nassau Guardian that the victim was Leon Sweeting, 76, who they described as a gentle, soft-spoken and generous man.

Superintendent Shanta Knowles said police received a call shortly after 9 a.m yesterday that a lifeless body was found inside a home at Ambergris Street off Faith Avenue.

She said when Sweeting’s neighbors noticed that he wasn’t sitting in his yard they became concerned.

“[They] knocked on his door and after they did not get a response they called family members who gained entry into the house and made this discovery,” she said.

Police later said that a relative of Sweeting’s — a 21-year-old man — was assisting in the investigation.

Knowles said that residents of the small tight knit community have nothing to fear.

“I don’t think that there is concern for fear,” she said.

“We are following some leads and it does not appear as if this community has any reason to be afraid to continue to live they way they are living.”

Generous man

Tracey Major-White, Sweeting’s niece, said her uncle did not deserve to die they way he did.

“My uncle Leon was a very soft-spoken, quiet and extremely generous person,” she said.

“[He was] always there for you anytime you called on him. He was a quiet man who lived a simple life.”

Major-White said that the family had planned to surprise Sweeting with a Thanksgiving dinner on Thursday night.

“One of his sons flew in to surprise him and because it was a surprise they tried to tell him at the last minute to come and he said, ‘Man it’s too late’,” she said with tears streaming down her cheeks.

“He goes to bed early. He is up in the morning, very early dealing with the lawn and everything and he said, ‘Man it is so late. You all bring my food tomorrow.’ Not knowing that he wasn’t going to be here tomorrow.

“My cousin came to bring him the food and that’s when they found out that he was gone.”

Glenn Sweeting, one of Leon Sweeting’s sons, said he was numb.

“I refuse to go and see the body,” he said.

“I don’t want that to be my last image of my father.

“Right now I have a good image of my father and I thank for God for that.

“We were sitting under a tree talking. My last memory of my father was good.”

Glenn Sweeting said his father was always supportive.

“I remember him saying to me, ‘I may not have done everything right in life but I made sure I took care of my kids.’

“That is no dispute.”

Bishop Carrington Pinder, Sweeting’s next door neighbor, said he shall be greatly missed.

“He was a peaceful man and a helpful and good neighbor to all in this street,” he said.

“He shall be greatly missed.”

He added, “The shock of it, I mean I really can’t put words together to express how I really feel about this incident.

“With God’s help we are going to be strengthened and support each other as neighbors.”

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