Dancehall Artist Valiant Denies Being Arrest For Traffic Offense

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Dancehall artist Valiant is denying a media report that he was arrested by cops after it was discovered that a warrant for his arrest was out for outstanding traffic tickets.

Valiant might have appeared to get off scot-free following the report of an accident on Sunday in which his car collided with Health Minister Christopher Tufton, causing him to suffer a broken wrist. Valiant was spotted by the Minister’s bedside and appeared relieved as his injuries were not worse.

In a surprising twist on Tuesday, Television Jamaica reported that the police confirmed that Valiant, whose real name is Raheem Bowes, was arrested and taken into custody to answer a warrant for the outstanding traffic tickets.

The artist’s arrest took place on Tuesday, reportedly as the Jamaica Constabulary Force investigated the accident, which left the health minister injured. There are reports that the minister was knocked down by Valiant’s car while on Charlemont Avenue in the city.

Dr Christopher Tufton and Valiant

Responding police officers reportedly checked the artist’s driving records and discovered the tickets. It’s unclear how many tickets there are and how long they have existed. However, the Road Traffic Act of Jamaica allows unruly road users to be charged, and where they fail to comply with the regulations, a warrant could be issued for them to appear before a judge.

In the meantime, Valiant disputed the TVJ news report and appeared surprised to hear that he had been arrested.

In the comments he wrote, “Kmft bredda me Ina me bed a watch games of throne wtf this @tvjnews get real facts.”

In the meantime, fans also reacted to Valiant’s comment. Many found his response funny while others urged him to go and pay up his traffic tickets because he is not above the law.

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