Casinos & Gaming Houses Generate $60M

The content originally appeared on: ZNS BAHAMAS News

The Caribbean Gaming and Regulators Conference is underway in the capital this week at the Atlantis Resort. Minister of Social Services, Information and Broadcasting, the Hon. Myles Laroda and Chairman of the Gaming Board, Dr. Danny Johnson were both in attendance at the opening of the conference on Thursday.

While addressing the group Johnson said, “the records reflect the casinos employ, land based casinos, 995 key employee staff and a further 1,356 gaming employees for a total of 2,311 persons. Employment figures in the domestic gaming houses reflect a workforce of 684 key employees and 2,675 gaming employees for a total workforce of 3,559 persons.”

During his presentation Minister Laroda spoke to the charitable organizations that benefit from gaming industry assistance. “As of todays’ date under the regulations of the Gaming Act our domestic gaming houses have provided $4.4 million in relief and assistance to deserving entities which meet the criteria for such assistance,” he said.

The conference end on Friday June 21st with a gala in honour of Mr. Craig Flowers.