Blueface Shows His “Wife” Chrisean Rock Love From Jail: “I Love You”

The content originally appeared on: Urban Islandz

Chrisean Rock and “Thotiana” rapper Blueface are back together as they appear to mend their broken relationship.

Blueface is presently incarcerated for breaching his probation after he was seen on camera firing shots at a man in Las Vegas last year. The rapper has several ongoing criminal matters across multiple states, all in court simultaneously. It’s been a quiet few months since Blueface went to jail, and his baby’s mother, Chrisean, is also facing her own legal woes as she failed to complete the terms of her probation in Oklahoma and has been ordered to spend two months in jail.

Despite their problems, it seems that Blueface is back with Chrisean Rock after breaking up with his fiancée Jaidyn Alexis. On Wednesday, a jail call from Blueface went viral where he expressed the sentiment that she was his “wife”.

“Call my wife for me really fast,” Blueface can be heard telling a man.

The person then calls Rock on another phone, where she explains that she has been at home and dealing with her court case. “What you mean, Daddy? I’ve been in the house. I had court today. I was hoping you’d call me yesterday so we could figure it out,” Rock is heard telling Blueface.

“I love you,” Blueface is heard telling Rock. “I love you, Daddy. I miss you,” she replies. Blueface added, “I appreciate you,” before Rock said, “I appreciate you calling me.”

Blueface’s mother was not here for the entire thing; she called it “jail talk”. Karlissa Saffold has been vocal against Rock and Blueface being together for years, and she does not like his ex-fiancée Jaidyn Alexis either.

“How you gonna be calling him daddy and he don’t even let yo baby call him daddy yet? I know my kids, I know that’s some f**ked up sh*t. It’s some jail talk. It wasn’t even no good jail talk,” Saffold said.

She added that Blueface previously told DDG that he would never marry a woman who is in the streets, something he has accused Chrisean of doing.

“You would never marry her. You in jail…just claim the baby while you in jail, just take ownership then we will believe some of this shit but right now it’s just another promotion of the circus,” Saffold added.

Saffold also said that Blueface was playing with Rock, knowing he had no intentions of being with her. She also called out Rock for constantly bashing his family about Blueface being no good but still deciding to be with him.

Chrisean Rock has yet to respond to Karlissa Saffold’s comment on the matter.