Bahamas Department Of Corrections Wants You

The content originally appeared on: ZNS BAHAMAS News

Acting Commissioner of the Bahamas Department of Corrections (BDOCS), Doan Cleare was on the island of Grand Bahama this week were BDOCS hosted a recruitment drive. 

Cleare told ZNS News, “it is our hope and desire to recruit at least fifteen persons from Grand Bahama. Last year we were successful in getting up to ten persons which was the first time in our history of getting persons from Grand Bahama on a large scale.” 

According to Cleare, BDOCS is hoping to recruit 100 new officers this year from across the country. ”We are going to Eleuthera next week then Andros the week after and then we have Exuma and then the rest of the islands in the far flung southern Bahamas we will use them via conferencing.”

The Acting Commissioner outlined some of the opportunities available within the Department of Corrections. He said, “you’re looking at the opportunity to go in at least twenty five different areas in the Bahamas Department of Corrections. You can do nursing, you can do teaching. We are soon to open up an air wing. We are now trying to diversify what we do. We are trying now to be a full correctional facility.”

Officers recruited from Grand Bahama will most likely be returned to the island as parole officers.